How Will You Exit Your Business andTransfer Ownership?

Resolve your legal and financial issues, ownership transition details, and estate plans – on your terms.

You call the shots. Most business owners believe that an exit strategy is crucial to their business, yet few have one. Ownership succession planning ensures your financial prosperity and gives your business the chance to thrive upon your departure. Your financial needs for retirement most often rely, in part, on the equity in your business. Therefore, ownership succession planning and liquidity planning are critical.

What are your goals?  Developing a succession plan for your business can be a very emotional and challenging process. The starting point is defining your goals.  What is best for your family?  What is best for your company? What are the expectations of your key managers?  How much money will you need to retire? What will you do if you’re no longer involved in the management of your business?

Creating a roadmap. We will help you address these issues and many others. Many times the interests of family members, other shareholder interests or key employees need to be clarified. If a decision is made to sell the business to a third party, we will help you identify and implement strategies to maximize the value of your investment. Whichever exit strategy you choose – selling your ownership interest to family members, your partners, managers, or a third party, we can help assist you to define your goals and create a plan to achieve them. 

Rest assured. However you structure your ownership succession and whatever liquidity strategy you choose, the two processes are inextricably linked. Your future – and the future of your business – depend on your ability to develop a practical succession plan for your business. Then, with your plans in place, you can focus on your family, your friends, your community interests, and your legacy.


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